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The structure of each complex can be adapted to the customer’s needs, the product characteristics and the type of packaging machine. Types of laminating:


Laminating with GLUE

• Laminating of DUPLEX and TRIPLEX complexes with Solvent-less, Solvent-based and Water-based glues.

• Complexes with the maximum guarantees and performances in terms of watertightness and impermeability, resistance and welding.

• Wide range of complexes with different types of materials:

› Plastic films (OPP, PET, OPA, LDPE, CPP, CPA, etc.)

› Paper and card of varying qualities and weights.

› Aluminium of varying qualities and thickness.


Laminating with WAX

• Laminating especially designed for Aluminium + Paper complexes.

• Excellent barrier and greaseproof properties.

• Specially designed for packaging for butter, margarine, sweets, gum, chocolate, cheese and other food products and products for other industries.

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